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Michalis Orphanidis teaches his secrets!

He is  the most successful make-up artist in Cyprus  and in his hands every woman falls in love, you love him from the first minute you meet him, he remains simple and passionate about his work and it would not be an exaggeration to say that Cyprus learned what makeup is thanks to him.

From Anna Vissi to Marinela, from Zeta Makripoulia to Elena Paparizou, to dozens of other famous Greek and foreign women, they have all been left in his hands.

Michalis Orphanidis  could be described as  “our national make up artist “ , since for years he has managed to be the celebrities’ favourite, even the most demanding celebrities.

This talent and experience of so many years, the well-known make-up artist decided to transfer to teaching, since he himself says that  “we must pass on knowledge”.

In recent years, he has opened his own Make-up School, MUD Studio Cyprus, located  at the TIME Private Institute in Larnaca.  The School enables students to follow a comprehensive educational program according to international standards, since  MUD STUDIO , which belongs to the  American Schools of Make – Up Designory ,  is  recognized all over the world. Michalis Orphanidis’ aim now is to give his knowledge and experiences to his students.


In recent years you have been teaching at TIME Private Institute . What are your courses aimed at, TO those who want to follow a professional path in the field of make-up or to others?

My relationship with Time Private Institute goes back several years since the owners Doros and Elena Neokleous are good friends. When in 2017 I managed to have the representation of the biggest Make Up Schools in the world, Make Up Designory (MUD) I thought that the first MUD Studio Cyprus could easily be housed there, since the TIME Private Institute meets all the training standards from the Ministry of Education but also whatever the MUD required. Thus, in 2018, MUD STUDIO CYPRUS was founded in Larnaca, wanting to offer young men and women who want to pursue the profession of Make Up Artist, the most comprehensive educational program according to international standards.

But in addition, during this time we are preparing a program of attending classes for all girls who wish to learn how to apply make-up properly with their own hands.

What is special about these courses, apart from being taught by you, a person who has excelled with great success in the field of make-up both in Cyprus and abroad?

The level of our studies, the learning techniques which are based on the latest education standards, combined with the reliability of our programs, give the possibility to continue studies abroad, to those graduates who wish to do so. The degree obtained by our graduates is recognized by international cosmetic companies, large chain stores, major fashion events such as Fashion Weeks as well as glamorous celebrities from all over the world.

Is the art of make-up something that can be taught Mr. Orphanidis?

The Art and Science of Makeup is something that can be learned by following a properly structured curriculum, having the right facilities with the workbenches and specialized lights, the right materials and of course the qualified teachers who can impart the knowledge. Being very good at your job does not mean you are automatically a good teacher. Teaching is a whole other science which you also need to study.

Have you studied teaching?

Of course, I have studied it, at Intercollege, (diploma lecturing in ITEC Therapies). Apart from that, I have done the special Teaching, the special teaching program, of the MUD (Faculty certification course).

Do you think that to some extent talent comes with you?

I strongly believe in the talent of people. And I think it’s a great blessing to have your talent as a profession. If you already love it, this is also ideal. Just talent alone is never enough. It takes the right training and many hours of work to succeed. Those who remained with only the talent very soon perished. While we have too many examples of people without great talent, who loved a profession, studied it, worked long hours and reached very high.

Shall we talk a little more about the makeup class you teach in terms of hours but also a few details about how you teach?

All over the world MUD Studios reflect both art and inspiration. It is here that makeup comes to life through the personal expression of each student. The experiential learning contributes to the strengthening of critical thinking, knowledge, creativity and we develop professional skills, expanding the career horizon of our students. 3.5 hours of teaching on a weekly basis in the classroom and another 3.5 hours of practical work at home. At the same time there is the study book (Reading book) where you have to study your lessons, and the Workbook where you have to solve your exercises.

I know that in addition to the big name and experience you have, you also have several collaborations and seminars with big names abroad. However, I will ask you, what is it that one should possess in order to transfer the knowledge and secrets of make-up as best as possible to his students?

Surely he must have the training to be able to teach. To have studied it so that he knows the ways in which one can transfer knowledge. Because not all people learn in the same way. I think he should be full of experiences so that one doesn’t need to prove himself, but now wants to make students better than himself.

How much has the last year and a half affected the fashion industry?

Very much. Fashion is made to go on the streets, on red carpets at parties, at receptions. It can’t be alive with confinement. Unfortunately!

How do you see things in the field of fashion both in Cyprus and in Greece?

In Cyprus there are individual designers who do serious work with great success. The same in Greece to a greater extent, since the sizes of the market differ. Actions are periodically taken in Greece that attract international attention.

Can a makeup transform (positively) a person Mr. Orphanidis?

Makeup can highlight a woman’s beautiful features and cover up minor imperfections. The result is often magical!

After so many years in the field of makeup, after so many great collaborations with the biggest names, what is it that you would like to see in your career?

I think creating a book…. But I will say more when the time comes.

Very nice! So we will wait for it!  Finally, how can anyone learn more about the course you teach?

They can contact by phone TIME Private Institute at the number 24400767 since the school is located there, or if they want to communicate via email at mudstudiocy@gmail.com, one can also find the Facebook page of the School which is MUD Studio Cyprus.


Find out about the make-up classes offered at TIME here

By Yota Dimitriou

Photos: Haris Kyprianou

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