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Here, since September 2016, we aim to meet the needs and demands of modern society in the field of education, entertainment, creative employment and learning.

02 WHY AT T.I.M.E.

If you are wondering why you should choose TIME for your children's education and activities, read above 20 reasons that make us the ideal choice. To make your life easier, in an environment that covers you...


Equipped with state-of-the-art buses of European standards, we carry out the daily routes of your children from their schools to the nursery school and back home.

Academic Courses

In our tutoring center, we provide a wide variety of individual or group lessons for all levels from pre-primary age to university.

You can see some of them below.


The provision of a higher level of education does not stop at academic courses, since at T.I.M.E. the rich range of activities is a pole of attraction for young and old. You can see some of them below.

Special Prices

Supporting families with more than 1 child, our school provides special reduced prices for children's participation in our programs.

Individual Programs

Each child has his own individual program adapted to his needs and interests, following the schedule convenient for the parents.


With 2 different branches of TIME in Aradippou and Oroklini and very soon a 3rd one, children can attend their lessons in the area that best serves their parents.

Means of transport

Providing transport for your children to the school, with TIME's European standard buses Routes are made to and from the children's home according to their personal schedule.

Support & Security

Our specialized staff supports each student individually in order to achieve their personal goals. Together they set the path to success in the exams by strengthening the weaknesses and shortcomings that may exist.

Memories of a lifetime

Lifetime bonds are made in the TIME family. Children are socialized, learn to belong to different groups strengthening the acceptance of diversity and personal individual development.


Academic Courses




Days Of Operation

In TIME’s society as in the rest of the world, news moves and evolves.

New courses, great special moments, announcements, events and live broadcasts are some of the topics you can be updated with daily.


See all our news here!

Morning School

Always wanting to relieve parents of the stress of keeping their children busy during school holidays and vacations, but at the same time to offer children unique unforgettable moments of carefree, knowledge and fun, we offer Morning School whenever the schools are closed!

Christmas, Easter, School holidays and Summer, TIME opens its doors from the morning and is full of smiles!

Private School In Cyprus

The T.I.M.E,

Private School In Cyprus, opened its doors in September 2016 in Larnaca. Its sole aim is to meet the needs and demands of modern society within the education field and advancing recreational creative employment. Learning here involves a wide range of subjects for all ages and is done so under the approval of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus in state-of-the-art facilities.

Our main goal is the continuous development of both the services and courses provided so that we ensure the personal upward development of each student.

Starting as young as the age of 4, children join T.I.M.E. ‘s community within a customized afternoon program as they learn to become independent from their families, and are able to participate and follow a full program according to their personal academic needs and interests.

The years of academic education in school are full of unique and decisive moments, and it is imperative that these are of high educational standards as these experiences will be carried throughout adult life. TIME strives to make the learning environment pleasant and efficient with the adept interaction of the right qualified and key people.

Our Private School In Cyprus Is Design For Children 

Children have the opportunity to work with a team of well-qualified teachers, from the pre-primary school level right until their admission to universities in Cyprus and abroad.

Our goal is not only to provide quality services but also to unburden the hectic schedule of parents, by providing daily transportation services from school or home and back. With European standard buses as well as lunch, in addition to providing morning school during school holidays and bank holidays.

The educational center also places emphasis on the education of students and adults in a variety of subjects through specialized programs of professional training, practical training, and seminars both on a generic and individual level. This is made possible by the constant growing collaboration network with global institutions, therefore establishing the possibility for its students to obtain internationally recognized certificates.

T.I.M.E Private Schools in Cyprus Milestone

Another TIME milestone worthy of noting is the creation of the pioneering electronic education platform T.I.M.E. Virtual School and its inclusion in the daily course flow, providing students with daily access to online courses and systematic communication with their teachers, promoting interactivity and interaction even from home.

As an innovative modern educational institute, T.I.M.E Private School In Cyprus advances daily with new exciting ideas and collaborations. The management’s and staff’s dedication to many years of experience, success, and personal development are guaranteed!