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Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek

Teaching ancient Greek as a language has raised questions of whether it is necessary or not, and this in extension has proven to be a cultural problem. The civilasation of Ancient Greece has shown throughout time to be the cradle of each European, as Europe has relied on the foundations of Ancient Greece culture for the development of its own.

Most European languages contain a multitude of ancient Greek and Latin words, therefore Greek-speaking students who are learning other European languages are already at an advantage. As such, knowledge of Ancient Greek makes other languages easier to be taught and learnt in comparison to Modern Greek.

To be familiar with the ancient Greek culture is necessary for all Greek Cypriot students as it is the root of their national consciousness and identity. These elements cannot be developed without active knowledge of the past. It is a positive attribute for individuals to know of and understand their past in order to evolve as civilized human beings.

Teaching Ancient Greek at our tutoring center, moreover, undertakes a deepened understanding and subsequent proficient expansion of the language to further bind students to their, past,

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Source: Ministry of Education