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A child’s transition from kindergarten to primary school is considered one of the most critical periods of childhood. Once a child of preschool age joins the family of T.I.M.E. a magical journey begins where step by step all academic and extracurricular activities provide this young soul with the proper support and knowledge to ensure a rewarding future.

TIME to join meet EVOLVE!

Children aged 4 years and up, are recommended to join T.I.M.E.  We will aid in developing skills such as adaptation (i.e. changes in their lives  – from preschool to primary school), slowly integrating them through a fun and creative way into a group learning environment. This will enable the smooth transition from preschool to junior, by allowing them to have already interacted with known, cognitive objects and parameters whilst they build their first academic skills around the stimuli provided to them within their first academic classroom.

At our Institute, specialized staff guides each child into the world of Greek language, numbers and colors. These are preformed in a classroom with a small number of students as a group.

Means of transport

In T.I.M.E. we are equipped with state-of-the-art European standard buses, each with a capacity of 7 people to carry out your children’s daily journeys from their schools or homes to the preschool and from the preschool, back.
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Arts & Crafts

Painting is certainly something familiar to everyone. Mixing colors, materials, designs together with our imagination is always exciting. Rhythm, imitation, movement and creation are distinguished in human nature from a very early age. Many children discover an endlessly interesting world through art.

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Robotics classes at T.I.M.E. are an educational solution that ignites curiosity while improving children’s abilities in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, technology and programming.


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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an exclusively female Olympic Event. A combination of gymnastics, ballet and dance. It is considered the most suitable sport for girls of all ages as it gives them the opportunity to become familiar with exercise, develop new physical abilities and acquire harmony, grace, expression in movement, self-confidence and discipline.

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The ancient martial art of Karate trains the child’s entire body, helping him lay the best possible foundations for his health and physical condition.
A child also comes into contact with concepts such as discipline, mutual respect, obedience, and teamwork while at the same time gaining self-esteem and self-confidence.
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Dance provides social as well as emotional benefits to children as they acquire social skills such as cooperation, building self-esteem and interacting with other children. When children dance together, they begin to build a sense of community and appreciation for others in the class.
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