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High School

The Lyceum is on the border of general education and university education, but is at a point where students of this level have entry into the labor market.

TIME to target aim GOAL!
Lyceum provides access to tertiary education and it aims in gradual subject to further prepare students for academic or professional orientation. T.I.M.E. is equipped with well-trained and highly specialized teachers, who are the main pillar of the successful development of pupils. Within small or individual classes, by placing emphasis on every learning element required for individual student needs, our educators work to consolidate and deliver aptly educational material. The Joint or Reinforced courses coupled with past scholarly text prepares confidently and competently our students in taking all their exams.
T.I.M.E.’s virtual presence gives access to all students and teachers to exchange material at any time and ask questions, making the learning experience even more exciting.